Call for Papers

For this workshop, we kindly request contributions on (i) technical research or methodology (max. 15 pages), (ii) case studies (max. 15 pages), and (iii) problem statements or tools (max. 5 pages) in (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • Formal verification and validation (e.g. testing, simula- tion, experimentation) of
    • safe high-performance requirements,
    • safe non-deterministic behaviors (weakest invariants),
    • safe off-line and on-line machine-learnable behaviors,
    • resilience against hazardous unintentional or malicious misuse (e.g. non-vigilance, security attacks),
  • Formal models and design methods for
    • controllers,
    • monitors,
    • platforms (i.e., architecture, SW, HW, network),
  • Verified efficient algorithms for
    • incremental and online synthesis of controllers,
    • optimal adaptive control,
    • context-aware self-adaptation and run-time reconfiguration

for AVs and AV collectives in open environments.

This interactive, single-day workshop will contain a keynote speech and a final discussion.