For this single-day workshop, we kindly request contributions on

  1. technical research or methodology (max. 8 pages),
  2. case studies (max. 8 pages), and
  3. problem statements or tools (max. 5 pages)

in (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • Design and assurance of
    • self-adaptation, run-time reconfiguration, context-aware adaptation,
    • algorithms for incremental controller synthesis and optimization,
    • safe optimal and adaptive control,
    • parameter adaptation in autonomous control loops,
    • software technology and system architecture,
    • non-deterministic behaviors, and
    • off-line and on-line machine-learnable behaviors

both at vehicle-level and traffic-level control.

  • Methods and (mathematical) models for
    • design and verification of reasonably permissive safety mechanisms,
    • validation of automated controllers,
    • identification of security attack surfaces or vectors relevant for safety,
      and protection against safety-related security attacks

both at vehicle-level and traffic-level control.